I am the wife of my husband. We have so far been married 20 years. We are very much in love! My marriage has been easy by most standards.

I am the mom of my three (living) children. I begged God for children. After 4 years of marriage the first of three arrived.  I said, “Oh no! I don’t know what to do with this thing!” God said, “Obey me.” 19 months later the second came and I said, “Stop! I’m overwhelmed!” God said, “Trust me.” Soon I was pregnant again but I miscarried. I kept quiet. Then the baby of the family holed himself up in my womb. I thanked God. He said, “You’re welcome.” Then he said, “Give them to me.” I am in the process of obeying Him, trusting Him, thanking Him, and giving them to Him to be used for His glory. It is a process.

I am the owner of a very large, slobbery dog. She rounds it all out perfectly!

Follow along as I share the ups, downs, ins and outs of family life.