Edible Artistry

“Food. Glorious food. We’re anxious to try it.” – one of the Ice Age movies

Food is a gift.

I love a well packaged gift. Perfect paper, big, bold bows, shout “I love you!” to me.

BUT, I hate to wrap a gift. I get stressed out. My creativity cannot make it from my head or heart to my hands. I am gift-wrap challenged.

I am lazy!

and selfish…

…as I said, food is a gift.

I love to receive well prepared food. I do not always love to gift it – to my family. Truth be told I prefer an appreciative recipient so that my efforts are not “wasted”.

This is my excuse for not feeding my family like I think I should. It is selfish. Plain and simple.

With God’s help (and the encouragement of others) I can and will do better for my poor family. I will plan better and execute better.

Follow along as I share triumphs and fails.