Thoughts on Travel

I have traveled some. Most of my travels have been by car with my family. Some of it has been overseas with my family (both pre and post marriage). I have traveled on an extreme budget (think pb&j for days and sleeping in a rental car) and I have traveled in style (think resort on a beach in the South Pacific). I haven’t yet traveled like Sir Richard Branson so I can’t really speak about uber-luxury travel but I imagine it’s pretty good. [see me smirking?]

Everyone is so different. We are as different as the places we visit when we travel.

My husband is budget conscious. He could be anywhere in the world and be more concerned about the money he is spending than the experience he is having. (to date there has been one exception to this rule:Fiji – but there was some manipulation on my part to make that happen.)

I on the other hand loathe the proverbial price tag. I want experiences! I want to use all my senses (and consequently my husbands wallet) to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the world around me. I am an expensive habit for my dear husband…

As I said, different strokes…

Some of us prefer a mai tai on the beach to the motorcycle tour. On my most recent escapade (to Fiji) I made a shift from mai tai on the beach to kayaking the reef and snorkeling in the ocean. I even rode on the back of Jason’s rented scooter though we would’ve been safer walking. There is something about being so far away – exploring – that changes you.

Actually, there are many things about travel that change you. With each destination, near or far, you find something “new” and that is exciting. Take my last trip to CA. I went to a restaurant that had the cutest glass bottles on the table for water. I made a mental note (and took a photo) and when I got home I bought some for my own table. Every time I see them I think of that vacation. I can even smell the pizza we had at that restaurant. It was in Windsor. It was called “Kin”.

I like to bring one thing back with me from wherever I go to remind me of the experience. From some places I have several things. Since going to Fiji I purchase my shampoo, lotion, and soap from Pure Fiji because that’s what the resort had and the smells remind me of that glorious vacation! I have sarongs from Brazil. I got married in one of them. I have beer steins, nutcrackers and cuckoo clocks from Germany. I have wooden shoes from Holland. I tea towels from Great Britain. I have tote bags from Africa. Those were a gift from my father.

I love the internet for this purpose. The entire world market is at my fingertips! I can surround myself with trinkets from around the world. I can buy crafts made in Botswana and bracelets made in Costa Rica.

However, I would rather visit those places in person and revisit the memories later.

This is why I am in training to be a travel adviser.  As an adviser I will have the responsibility of knowing literally the world so I am able to craft the perfect vacation for my clients. Ha! I can’t do that. I’m just one girl. How can I learn all there is to know about every destination and travel related company in the world? I have a remarkable team of travel professionals at my disposal. Once my initial training is complete (I will always be learning) I will be able to draw from their expertise as well as my own training to design anything from a backpackers dream exploration in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands to an ultra-luxurious VIP spa vacation in Monaco.

I will live vicariously through my clients. I’m not that selfless though. I will be whittling away at my own bucket list as well. May I say my bucket list is quite a bit longer now that I know more about what is out there?

Contentment could become an issue!

My poor husband…

Back to training.




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