Writers Block

I admit it. I have had a terrible case of writers block…also knows as…busyness.

Since you last heard from me my days are filled. They’re filled with …interruptions!

This is why I haven’t written. I can’t finish a sentence without an interruption.

The last time I wrote I surprised you with a dramatic teaser.

Then I left you hanging.

I would’ve been back earlier but I was…


Several times to be exact.

In fact as I write, just this moment, my husband walked in the door from work. He’s going to want to talk and tell me about his day. I will then share with him how many things I crossed off my never-ending To Do list.

I guess interruptions are a part of life.

This summer I planned to finally get organized. Like, really, really organized. All over my house and in my life. It was going to be cleansing and peaceful. Then I was interrupted.

The school called me to say 2 of my children would need to attend summer school. This would mean my days would look a little different since I am a bus driver for said summer-schoolers.

School is just one of the schedule changes I did not expect this summer. We also let the boys join Scouts. Before I said yes I made sure I verified that parent involvement would be at a minimum. Ha! I should’ve known better. Scouting is cool though.

Excuse me. I was interrupted. What was I saying?

Oh ya, I have an announcement.

Hold on…just a sec…

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