Happy Mother’s Day

As a mother, I’d like to propose a toast…to the children.

Here’s to the children…who put up with us mothers.

There shouldn’t be a day for mothers. But since there is (and one for fathers too) there should also be a day for you. I’m sorry about that.

Here’s to you, kids…

for trusting us even though we are blind guides.

for listening to us even though we know not of what we speak.

for understanding that we are selfish, and vulgar, and immature and for loving us anyway.

for not leaving us the first time we told someone else how hard you are to raise…and for not leaving every other time we said that in your presence.

for all the love; the smiles, the hugs, the looking to us for comfort even though we are powerless to give real comfort.

for showing respect to us when we didn’t deserve any, especially those times when our tantrum rivaled yours.

for looking past our fear and subsequent misunderstanding of literally everything under the sun.

for obeying when you knew we were dead wrong.

for eating all the awful meals.

for cleaning the house, running our errands, and mowing the lawn.

for being patient when we were lazy and forgot to get milk.

for listening to our rants.

for craving your own independence thereby allowing us to grow up too!

for working hard at loving – even liking- us when all we seem to want to do is change you.

for remembering that God made you, and therefore owns you, and for reminding us every chance you get. We need that reminder.

for working just as hard as we do yet with much less complaining.

for being vulnerable with us even though we are not always “safe”.

for rolling your eyes when we embarrass you on purpose.

for believing that we can be better mothers.

for being patient when our priorities trump yours.

for overlooking every way we minimize your strengths and maximize your weakness.

for trying to please us even though it feels impossible – and likely is.

for helping us let go of you at the proper time.

and for caring for us in our old age regardless of how well we performed as your mother.

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind lift your skirt. May you always see sunshine. And don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!!


A Mom




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