Mark 5

This morning I read Mark chapter 5 in the Bible.

In it I found comfort and peace. I almost always do when I read that book. I read three stories about Jesus while he was here on this earth. He’s in heaven at the right hand of the Father now.

While Jesus was here he showed his power in many ways. He has power over demons, sickness, and even death.

Story #1: Jesus comes across a demon-possessed man who was so far gone he lived among the tombs and no one could subdue him anymore because he had grown too strong. He was miserable! Night and day he cried out and cut himself with stones. Jesus approached him and merely told the demons (there were many) to leave the man. They did. They asked permission of Jesus to go into a herd of pigs nearby. He granted permission. They then killed the pigs by causing them to run over a cliff. Jesus had mercy on the man.

Jesus has power over demons. (Mark 5:1-20)

Story #2: Jesus was on his way to a man’s house whose daughter had fallen gravely ill. A large crowd surrounded him. He noticed power had gone from him and turned to find out who had touched his clothes. A woman who had been bleeding 12 years admitted she’d thought if she but touched him she would be healed. She was right and he commended her for her faith. Jesus is compassionate.

Jesus has power over sickness. (Mark 5:25-34)

Story #3: While Jesus was still speaking to the woman in story 2 a messenger came to inform them that the man’s daughter had died. Jesus said to the man, “Don’t be afraid, just believe.” When Jesus arrived at the house where the child was the mourners had already gathered. Jesus told them she was merely sleeping. Then he went to the girl and told her to get up and walk. She did and everyone who saw it was astonished. Jesus is compassionate and merciful.

Jesus has power even over death. (Mark 5:21-43)

Jesus has power over everything but these are just some examples of his power.

Often people ask me to pray. They need healing, or direction, or compassion and mercy. I am happy to pray. I know those prayers are heard. I know the God I pray to has the power to change the things I can’t. I know he has the knowledge and wisdom I don’t. I know he is good and kind and wants all people to repent, turn to him and be healed. These stories illustrate his character.

I’m privileged to know him and I’m grateful he hears my prayers.

Do you need prayer?

I’m happy to pray for you.


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