Popularity Contest

Life is not a popularity contest.

In my youth I refused to believe this was true. Still, sometimes, I struggle to believe it.

I mean, Facebook isn’t a popularity contest? Really?! How many likes did you get on your last post? Because I got, like, 20! And that’s only because I restrict myself to 150 of my closest friends on there because I’m so semi-private and all…

And don’t get me started on Instagram. I’m like a goddess over there. They LOVE me! People are double-tapping me like crazy!

Like I said, life is not a popularity contest. And it’s a good thing because as a Christian I would not win. Actually I wouldn’t even qualify as a contestant. As a Christian I’m a social outcast! (I believe there is a hell and that God will send people there.)

That’s a good thing.

I have the privilege of identifying with Christ in his humanity. He was also an outcast albeit a popular one. Go figure! Most love to hate him.

Since the beginning mankind has been sinning. Our various societies have suffered because of that sin. Every generation has it’s particular brand of popular sins. As King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

Rebellion against God goes back to the beginning of mankind. We are all rebels.

I used to pride myself in my “rebel” status. I wanted to stand out from the crowd. I was fashion funky, uh, I mean, forward. I listened to the edgiest music. I did or said shocking things on purpose. I thought I was a non-conformist and therefore cool, very, VERY, cool.

In hindsight, with my new 20/20 vision, I can see I was a perfect clone of all the other “non-conformist” rebels out there. Therefore, I was not cool but very, VERY, pathetic (but only from a certain perspective.)

God made us to travel in groups, to pair up, to mingle. He intended there would be peer pressure. He wants it used for good – our good and His glory. Social clubs (online included) are popular because God created us to interact. He wants us building each other up.

It is our self-love that can make the desire to connect a bad thing. We quickly turn into the worst kind of competitors. Who’s the best? Who has the most? Who can do this or that?

Competition isn’t a bad thing. It drives us to be better that we were yesterday. Forgetting who gave us our abilities is pride. Pride goes before a fall as the Bible says. Pride damages our relationships – it is the ultimate danger to our souls.

I want my one life to count for Jesus. I want to love like he loves. I want to help others by leading them to water – living water. I believe he wants that from me.

At this time in history mankind’s selfishness seems to be at an all-time high (it’s not, but it seems that way because we are so vocal about our desires etc.) The “Me” generation is in full bloom. People want help in every way. They are not afraid to ask. They reach out in a myriad of ways. They’re looking for hope. Hope in something beyond themselves but entirely for themselves.

Wellness seekers are everywhere! The fact that we’re seeking wellness reveals that we know we are sick – in some way we are dissatisfied and know things can be better.

I know the solution to all the worlds problems is found in God through Christ. Submitting to his ways brings good. However, that is not a popular notion.

I know that though my message is an unpopular one God is using me to bless people with it. When I think about the beauty of the gospel I want to share it with everyone!

Enter Miss Popularity! The more people God puts me in contact with the more people I get to tell about Jesus and true hope!

So bring on the social media popularity contests! I’m in it to WIN SOULS FOR CHRIST!

**Disclaimer: I am a wretched sinner. The only thing good in me is God’s grace. I would hate for you to think I’m just a genuinely good person because I’m not. God has redeemed me from the guilt of my sin and he is making me more like his Son. But that takes time and you guys, I sin all the time! I hate that I do. I don’t want to sin. I want to represent God perfectly but I can’t. There is only man who ever lived who represented God perfectly. His name was Jesus Christ and HE is the one you should look to – not me! NOT ME!!!





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