Two Kinds

There are two kinds of mothers.

I don’t know which is the best kind.

I do know that every child’s mother was chosen for them by God.

Therefore, every child has the perfect mother for them.

So it must  be that both kinds are “best”.

The “baby lovers” are perfectly at home in the baby stage and they loathe every day that “baby” grows up.

Others, like myself, can’t wait for the “baby” to grow up.

I guess since I’m the mom who looks forward to “baby” graduation day my* children (the baby is finally 12) are the type who don’t need me fawning all over them as they’re trying to launch.

I’m quite certain my comments above were met with gasps and condemnation from the baby lovers.

I’m okay with that.

God knows I love my kids.

I enjoyed the cuteness, the cuddles, the toddles and such. However, even then I looked forward. I looked forward to watching these individuals become who they were meant to be. Still, every day I get jazzed when I fantasize about their careers, families, ministries, etc.

Maybe my daughter will be a teacher or a stay at home mom or a CEO!

And the middle child might be an engineer or a doctor!

The youngest will for sure  be President one day after a stint in the military flying planes!

Only God knows who they’ll be as adults. I cannot wait to find out!

Oh, and I not so secretly adore my husband and I very much look forward to our “alone” time when the nest empties out.

I figure we’ll get time with the grandkids if I’m missing the babies later on. I know there are no guarantees.

I’m sure a time is coming when I will start to look back and remember, or try to.

But for now I’m looking ahead to my children’s independence. It excites me!

*Note: I use the word “my” loosely. Those kids were given to me to be nurtured for a time but they were never mine. They were always His (the property of their Creator) and He has purpose for them. My job description changes over time from one of constant care to one of wise friendship.




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