Let the horrified screams begin!

“Accountability” is a dirty word for some people.

Personally, I love the word. I live that word.

Peer pressure in itself is a good thing. It is quite honestly our main motivator. Think of any  major area in your life. Did you ever feel pressure to “measure up”?

If the answer is “yes” congratulate yourself for your honesty!

The desire to measure up comes from the belief that there is a standard. But who or what sets that standard? It depends.

God set the standard for righteousness. This “righteousness” or RIGHT-ness can only be attained through Christ. See this post if you want to know how.

But what about the “little” standards we strive to meet? Who decides what is healthy? Why do we care about health anyway? Who decides what is good parenting? What does a well-raised child look like? What about wealth? Is there a standard there? What does a good friend act like? Is there a perfect gift for a housewarming party? Jeans? What is everyone wearing now-a-days? (Don’t answer that because I don’t care! I wear what I like standards or no!) It goes on and on…

Truth be told people make standards all day long. Those standards shift and change constantly. Think about the “standard housewife” in the 50’s. She wore pearls to vacuum her living room! Now we’d be lucky to find her fully awake by 9am…and by her I mean me.

However, though standards have changed over the years, some for the best, others not so much, there are still standards that we all strive to live up to.

Accountability is in my opinion the most effective way of achieving those standards.

I am a wife. My husband holds me accountable in many areas. He is my biggest fan and my best cheerleader and I am his. We are one flesh. We set goals (standards) together for our family as a whole. We each have individual goals that we help each other reach.

I am a mother. My kids hold me accountable. Oh BOY do they hold me accountable! When the cupboards are bare they don’t waste a second to tell me. If I fail to correct the situation promptly I am again “encouraged” to press on toward the goal of filling their hungry bellies.

I’m a Christian. I go to church. The people at church know me. They hold me accountable to obey God’s Word. This is the best personal development on the planet by the way!

I am a human being. I have a body. My body holds me accountable to care for it. It reminds me that the food I eat matters, the sleep I get matters, the exercise I do matters, and the rest I enjoy matters. When I don’t pay attention to my body it has ways of showing it’s distaste. As I get older this increases.

In virtually all areas of my life I am naturally held accountable to do the right thing. I shudder to think what might happen if I were left to my own devices!

If you’re the type to loathe accountability try to think of it as encouragement. Encouragement is the positive push from another to get to either continue doing great things or start doing them. It is dressed as an accolade.

Press on and do good!




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