Fear Factor

“Apparently fear isn’t a factor for you.” Anyone remember this line from the popular TV show Fear Factor? The word apparently is revealing. It may seem as though this person is fearless but the fact is everyone experiences fear. Some more than others.

Me more than many – or so it seemed until I joined Beachbody as a coach.

**This is not a post about Beachbody.**

I needed to put that out there so you don’t stop reading. (Can you sense my sarcasm? Good, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.)

Since joining Team Beachbody, for the discounts mind you, I received more than discounts. I received courage. Rather, I am finding courage within myself. I am pushing away fear and replacing it with love. This is a Biblical concept.

Fear has been a factor for me for as long as I can remember. True, it kept me out of serious trouble. I placed myself in some scary situations but wouldn’t pull the trigger because of fear. Like the time I found myself in a strange man’s apartment with a friend who was buying cocaine from him. The drug was offered to me but I was afraid. This was a healthy fear, the kind that accompanies wisdom.

However, most of my fears are irrational and based in pride. All of my regrets in life can be traced back to this type. For instance, I went to school to be a nail tech. I had been trained, had practiced and was ready to take the state board test so I could get a job in the field I’d studied for. I was afraid to fail. I never took the test. Or there was the time I trained for a half marathon. When I got to the race it was pouring rain. I was afraid I would get sick running in the rain, or slip and fall and embarrass myself or be struck by lightening. So I went home.

These fears seem ridiculous – because they ARE ridiculous.

But what about the fears that seem so legit? Last year around this time I noticed an oddity in my breast. I hadn’t had a mammogram in 10 years. I was fearful it would hurt. But now I just KNEW I had cancer. So I was fearful of the mammogram revealing such. This fear came immediately! It choked me. It consumed me. It rendered me useless to be about others. I could only think of myself and what might happen to me. Sure, there were little blips on the radar of love for others. “What will my family and friends do without ME?” Stuff like that.

How do I combat the fears that well up within me? How do I turn fear into fuel? I do what my daddy told me: “Remember whose you are and what you can and can’t do.” (I’m going to write this on his tombstone with sharpie.)

Well, whose am I? Am I my own? Or was I bought with a price?

What CAN I do? I can attempt anything!

What CAN’T I do? I guess that remains to be seen.

As my heavenly Father’s daughter I have been given the most precious of gifts – forgiveness and freedom from the guilt of my sin. I’m free to live this life and the next as his child.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can’t ever be denied access to the Father because Jesus Christ has already paid my debt. God promises that whatever he brings into my life will be for my ultimate good – whether cancer or a thriving business.

With those assurances I have no reason to fear anything – not even death.

How am I replacing fear with love? I’m humbling myself and putting myself out there more. I’m sharing my struggles, triumphs, fears, and beliefs (sometimes with photos attached). I’m reaching out to help others in every sphere of influence God has given me because I recognize God has given me the tools to help people in his name and for His glory.

Ultimately this is not about me! It’s about God doing great things through his people. He invests in me and I in turn invest in YOU!

To whom much is given much is required.

I plan to push past my fears, fall on my face a bunch, get back up, push past some more fear, and experience some success for the glory of God.




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