I drink tea.

I drink it almost daily. I have for years.

I drink it alone and with others. I drink it with or without accouterments.

I could write a book about tea but it would resemble “Sam I Am” more than “Tea: A Concise History”. So I will let this blog suffice.

I learned to love tea when I was little. My grandma had a cup (she used the same cup – it was clear and squatty) every morning with her toast. She drank mainly Constant Comment.

I have since evolved into my “own girl” as tea preferences go. I prefer loose leaf to bags. Earl Grey is my favorite. Though I adore the idea of the quintessential British High Tea I’m also quite content with tea as medicine or a Japanese ceremony featuring green tea.

For five years (could be more or less no one really remembers) I opened my home to women to meet and have tea. At first it was a humble gathering with humble food, humble ambiance, and some humble pie for me as I bumbled my way through. Even though it was a humble gathering the women made it great! I learned so much about all things pertaining to women and tea and God and life.

As the years progressed the teas were fancier. The food, ambiance, and I all improved with age. The longer the teas went on as regulars came and went and new people were added I realized that though the tea was wonderful it was the relationships being built and fostered that mattered in the scheme of things.

Tea is just a platform on which to build relationships.

Everyone has their platform. A unique interest or talent all their own. It was given to us to stand upon and call people to ourselves (and if you’re a Christian – ultimately to God) so we can invest in, support, and encourage others.

Our platforms are fluid. I will not always be known as “the tea lady”. I have decided to go a different direction with the same goals in mind.

My goal: To serve God by enriching other people’s lives. For a long time I did this by serving tea. I’m excited to see how God uses me in the future.

All for His glory!

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