Food to the glory of God

This article is exactly how I feel about food. I haven’t ever been this eloquent when trying to relate these truths so I am thrilled to share this here!

I praise God for the people at AIG. They know God’s Word and share truth with people daily!

What stuck out to me in the article is:

God gave us food. “We [Christians] see food as something special, an intentional God-given “witness” to remind human beings daily about the Creator’s goodness.”

“Whether people give God credit or not, He faithfully keeps the cycle of sun and rain going (Matthew 5:45).” Farmers know this. When you are in the produce aisle at the grocery store do you remember the Creator? I don’t always.

God made us creative with the ability to enjoy through our 5 senses. “He gave us specialized tongues and palates to detect all these flavors so our food would taste incredible.”

He also created us to work. “God devised our work – tending the garden – from the beginning as an integral thread in His original design.”

God is good! “If you ever doubt that our God is good, let the savory flavor of food remind you of how much He truly loves and lavishes His goodness on all of us.” He doesn’t single out those who love Him back. He gives food to everyone. Every day the sun rises and goes down to make room for the moon. Every day the earth rotates as it should around the sun. Every day the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Psalm 19:1

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