The Lost Princess

The Lost Princess by George MacDonald had me like…&$%@#$! Wha???? How does he know?

I am always looking for books to read with the kids in the evening since we no longer watch TV. (The TV post is for another day.) I borrowed this one on a whim.

Two days ago I sat down with my tea to read it while the kids were at school. It took me a few hours to read but I couldn’t put it down. I was filled with this sense of “knowing”. The author knows me! He knows how I think. He points out the absurdity of my selfishness. He highlights the consequences of my sin. He reminds me that I cannot obey like I want to without the Holy Spirit. What a blessing it is to know the Holy Spirit was given to me to help me obey. God knows my state. He has forgiven me in Christ so I am free from guilt. But, my sanctification is  a process. I stumble daily. I want to give up often. I persevere in His power alone!

Praise be to my Father!

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  1. Debby says:

    I love that book too! Such an encouragement and great insight.


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