Why Beachbody?

I am a fitness coach.

Ha! There’s something I never thought I’d actually say.

It is however, something I have secretly dreamed of for many years.

As a girl growing up I was fairly active. I was a gymnast when I was tiny. That didn’t last.

I could beat most kids at the 50 yard dash on the playground. 100 yards was too long. That didn’t last.

I had a quick metabolism so I could eat that third plate of spaghetti without looking like I had. That didn’t last.

In my college years I danced a lot. I also drank a lot. So that’s a wash and it didn’t last.

I used to ride my bicycle to work. Back and forth 6 miles each way 6 days a week. I was in good shape. Then I got a car so that didn’t last either.

I’ve run two half marathons and a few shorter races never coming close to placing for my age group. I trained for a third half marathon but wimped out in the rain. That is one of my biggest regrets. The running didn’t last.

I had three babies fairly close together and worked out during all three pregnancies. The workouts didn’t last. The babies are still here.

I have started various workouts and stopped again.

I have employed a personal trainer. That was a blast but too expensive to continue. Obviously that didn’t last.

Currently I am on a roll. I have been exercising daily (or almost daily) for a whole year now! Following is the story of my newfound sticking power and the resulting gift of becoming a Beachbody coach.

I was becoming quite portly for me. My energy was drained. All I wanted was to rest. I just needed to rest. My mind was fuzzy. I craved sugar almost as much as fast food. The sugar cravings were unusual for me because much of my life the fast food would’ve won out every single time. Though soda was a big part of the fast food experience to the tune of at least 32 ounces a pop. The worst part? I couldn’t fit into my **leather pants.

**Quick aside: Shortly after I was married I purchased a pair of skinny brown leather pants. They are size 6. My husband told me as long as I fit into those pants I was at a good weight. He was joking (I think) but I never forgot it and made it my goal to always be able to wear those pants, zipped up and buttoned. I remember the first time I tried them on after having our first baby. They didn’t fit. I bawled like my baby! I did get back into them briefly after my second baby. The third baby came and because he was a voracious nurser I was also able to get back into the pants briefly again. But as all mom’s know caring for a four year old, a toddler, and an infant is exhausting to say the least. I lost sight of my own personal goal in pursuit of survival. So that didn’t last.

Last year my 20th wedding anniversary was fast approaching. My husband and I dreamed of traveling to Fiji. I will tell the romantic Fiji story in another post. I was able to plan a week away with my husband. I started fantasizing about the beach and my husband and [insert the sound of needle skipping across vinyl record on player]…my body in a bikini? Um, no.

The vacation was planned for September. That meant I had 6 months to be bikini ready. I have a dear friend who was using Beachbody products to get fit. She and her awesome mother were doing 21-Day Fix workouts together and they looked good! I was impressed at her mothers ability especially. Though I had known this family as a “fitness family” so I wasn’t surprised at all that they work out together.

I had to do something to get my body back so I bought 21-Day Fix and Shakeology (Beachbody’s protein recovery drink) and started working out daily.

I have always been diet averse. I rarely had to diet. I liked the idea of eating healthy but was so lazy in the kitchen that I would give in often to modern convenience.  I did not use the portion control containers that came with the workout. Instead I substituted a Shakeology one meal every day. Also, I ate a lot of salad. There is a fast food restaurant near me called Salad N Go that serves these great big beautiful salads for just a bit more than a meal deal at other places. I became a regular.

I haven’t ever been a person who won’t drink plain water. I actually like it. So water intake isn’t usually a problem for me. However, in my drinking days the ratio of alcohol to water was turned upside down and I got kidney stones. Since then I am religious about drinking water. I track it on my Fitbit app.

I was also tracking my weight loss on the Fitbit app. I don’t have an actual Fitbit but the phone app works almost as well and it’s free. I was up over 138 pounds. I made a goal of 120 lbs by September.  I had 18 pounds to lose in 6 months.

Starting is the hardest part.

Continuing is hard at first too.

Those first 21-days were both exhilarating and exhausting. I am thankful for the online (mostly Facebook) community and accountability my friend and coach Courtney gave me. She would create private Challenge Groups  and I would join and get the daily accountability and encouragement I needed to press on. she posted motivational quotes and the other girls would post sweaty selfies. Eventually I became proficient at the sweaty selfie too.

During every workout there came a point where I wanted to give up and I would yell out, “Fiji!” and keep right on going. I wish I had written down the date that I reached my weight loss goal. The important thing is that I reached it some point before we left for Fiji. I was so proud to be able to say I’d lost the weight even though most people couldn’t tell. I could though. My clothes fit better and I cold get back into the leather pants, zipped and buttoned! I bought a beautiful (end expensive) white bikini to celebrate.

After we returned from our anniversary getaway I feared I would stop working out because the Fiji dream had been realized. I hadn’t made any other goals at that point. It was at this point the online community I had built was really important. I continued to workout daily because they were. I focused on my diet and water intake because they were.

It was then I realized people had noticed my results. People were encouraged by my progress. It wasn’t just about me. I could help people achieve what I had. And what’s more, I could be better! I could do more! So I became a Beachbody coach.

I have goals. Goals for me, my family, and for YOU.

I want us all to be healthy in every possible way we can. Spiritual health is most important to me. Physical health is a close second. We can’t do a good job at life if we’re not healthy. We won’t enjoy this one life if we’re not healthy. [Insert naysayers comment: I’m really enjoying this fast food and soda as I binge watch Gilmore Girls or whatever people are watching these days. My answer is: In the long run you won’t enjoy the results of your temporary pleasure. I certainly didn’t.]

I invite you to join me on this journey to wellness. Let’s set goals together and fail together. Let’s pick each other up again and set more goals and achieve them together. There is safety in numbers.

Please check out my Beachbody sites and let me know what you think. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Cheers to your health!


My Coach page where you can shop for programs, join the Beachbody community, or join my coaching team.

My Shakeology page where you can buy Shakeology.






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