I love to travel.

My most recent escapade was to Fiji.

20 years or so ago my husband and I watched the Truman Show. Truman who is literally trapped in a pretend world of mediocrity wants to go to the other side of the world, to Fiji. We were inspired!

Jay and I made our plan to go to Fiji for our tenth anniversary.

Between that day and our tenth anniversary we had three kids and started a business. Clearly Fiji would have to wait.

Another decade was soon to pass and I put my foot down. We just had to go for our 20th anniversary.

I am so grateful we made this dream a reality. It really was everything we hoped it’d be and more!

Susan made it possible. She handled all the necessary details with style and grace. We are forever grateful.


We stayed at the Koro Sun Resort & Rainforset Spa on the Island of Vanua Levu near the town of Savu Savu. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Our Edgewater Bure was a private retreat. The food they prepared for us was excellent. The staff were kind and professional. The views were spectacular. The weather was perfect. We were there in September which is their winter. The facilities were well maintained and clean. The activities were well organized and delivered what they promised. We hope to return with our children.


While we were in Fiji we visited some friends from my husbands college days. Laura is a professional photographer among other things and she was gracious enough to photograph us together. She had all but 10 minutes in the fading light but I think she did a wonderful job! We were hosted for dinner by her family. We very much enjoyed our time with them. They are a big reason we’ll go back.

Fiji put a skip in our marriage step. I highly recommend getting away once in a while with your spouse to reboot.

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