I like food. No. I love food. I eat it multiple times a day. I’m so glad God made food a necessity. He is so kind to give us so much variety to work with.

I am not a chef. Wait. Yes, I am! I am the chef in my home. I am in charge of the menu. This is a privilege. Some days I think it’s a curse. I’ll be honest. Some days I don’t want to show up for work.

To quote a line from my favorite food critic, “I’d like some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?”

That is how I feel about the most daunting of tasks…dinner.

Alas! There is light at the end of the lunch rush! It’s called M-E-A-L  P-R-E-P. Say it with me, Meal Prep, that was easy.

I intend to do a better job of this. Help!

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  1. Vicki G says:

    Me too, Friend. Me too.


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