All Things Wellness

I used to blog. I used to think what I had to say was important and useful for the general public, at the very least my friends and family. I am learning and dare I say maturing in my personal assessment. I know now that I understand a spec of a spec of the Saharan sandstorm of knowledge that can be had. This vast knowledge I speak of cannot be compared to the infinite knowledge of God. However, since the bible, which is my go-to book, says the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord I figure I’m on the right track.
That said. I will now regale you with everything I know about being well. In other words, I’ve decided to get back on here and blabbermouth.
My plan for this blog is to discuss wellness in all its forms; spiritual, physical, mental, etc. I hope we will learn together.
For those who are local I plan to host a monthly pow-wow to smoke the proverbial peace pipe.
Cheers! to you and your wellness.
Thanks for reading.

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